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Your Pets View On Who Is an Expert Vet in Abbotsford

When you’re a pet owner, you will do everything in your power to ensure your beloved companion has the best possible quality of life. One way of ensuring this happens is visiting Alpha Animal Hospital, we have expert vets in Abbotsford. 

When you visit our veterinary clinic, you are not just a customer. Instead, both owner and pet become part of a family, a community of people who share a love and passion for animals. So, if you ever need any assistance caring for your pet or simply need advice, we are only a call away. 

Trust Your Dog’s Judgement

What makes a veterinary clinic exceptional? Is it the variety of pet toys, beds and treats that line their shelves or the high-end machinery and equipment in the exam room? Although all these things are important, they are not as significant as a service that extends further than the four walls of the consultation room.

You probably already know this, but animals possess a keen instinct for human behaviour and can often pick up on personality traits that we tend to overlook or misinterpret. For example, dogs are especially renowned for their ability to detect unusual and questionable characteristics, which is why many people trust the intuition of their canines more than their own. Dogs will typically become overly agitated and aggressive around people they sense have ulterior motives and are generally friendly and polite around people whom they feel have a genuine intention. 

What behaviour does your dog turn to when it’s time to visit the vet? If their response is negative, you may want to evaluate the potential causes and perhaps try another veterinary clinic to see if their negative behaviour persists. On the other hand, if their response after switching facilities becomes positive, and they are comfortable and happy, then you know your pup was not impressed before and could sense something was underfoot among the staff. 

A Place Where Your Pet Feels Safe and Loved

Pet care encompasses more than ensuring they are healthy. It includes a thriving character, nurtured playfulness and an unceasing knowledge that they are unconditionally loved. Your pet’s physical health is just as important as their mental and emotional health, and the two should be equally cared for throughout your pets’ life. 

Here at Alpha Animal Hospital, we take the time to build a bond with your pet. Not because we have to, but because we want to, which is why we are the best vet in Abbotsford

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