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With Our Pet Clinic Services, You Can Provide All of Your Pet’s Needs

There’s nothing quite like the addition of furry family members. Their presence in our homes, from large, slobbering dogs to tiny rabbits, creates a more loving and wholesome ambiance. Our pets deserve the highest family pet veterinarian services because of their value to our lives. Alpha Animal Hospital is Abbotsford’s all-in-one professional and pet-passionate veterinary clinic services, so come see us make sure your cherished pets have all they require for long and healthy life. 

The Following Are Some of the Services We Provide:

Exams for Your Pet’s Health

Routine medical examinations for pets are required at least once or twice a year to guarantee their health is in good working condition. Physical examinations, pet immunizations, tonometry (eye pressure) tests, and x-ray and lab services are also available. Furthermore, the wellness exam provides an opportunity to ask exact concerns and receive ideas and services to help your pet’s lifestyle and health.

Permanent Identification for Pets

Implanting a pet microchip can boost your possibilities of reuniting with your lost companion in the weird event that it goes missing.

Nutrition for Pets

Nutrition is critical to your pet’s overall health and lifespan, but the sheer amount of options available at the pet store can be overwhelming. As a result, our team provides personalized pet nutrition advice based on your pet’s age, activity level, and underlying health concerns.

Dental Care for Pets

Healthy teeth and gums help your pet live longer and have a better quality of life. We perform complete pet dental exams and cleanings with your furry friend under anesthesia for the solace and safety of all affected to prevent, diagnose, and manage gum disease, tooth abscesses, tooth fractures, and more.

Laser Surgery for Pets

Our staff offers modern pet laser surgical procedures when animals require operations for tumours, foreign object blockage, or orthopedic issues. This increases the precision and accuracy of our veterinary surgeons while reducing incision and bleeding.


We can use pet endoscopy to diagnose internal abnormalities that would otherwise be impossible to notice, such as unexplained vomiting, weight loss, loss of appetite, stomach swelling, and so on. Furthermore, our comprehensive diagnostic techniques enable us to identify problems as early and correctly as possible, allowing us to assist your pet in regaining excellent health.

Orthopedic Surgery

Should your pet’s joints and bones become damaged, our skilled team can perform orthopedic surgery to help restore them to top shape.

Laser Therapy 

Laser treatment is a non-invasive approach to treat acute and chronic injuries, arthritis, nerve tissue regeneration after surgery, among other things. 

In Abbotsford, Alpha Animal Hospital provides top-notch veterinarian services for family pets. So make an appointment with us right away.