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Why Pets Need Dental Cleanings

Pets need dental cleaning for the same reasons humans do. Poor oral hygiene can be the cause of not only bad breath, but also a myriad of diseases and infections. You need to take care of your animal’s oral hygiene at all times to ensure that they can be kept free from unneeded complications and health concerns. Read on to learn more.

Pet Dental Cleaning

The Concern

When plaque on teeth isn’t removed regularly, it turns into hard tartar. Both of these elements work to irritate the gums and can result in infection in the surrounding area. While plaque can be brushed off at home, tartar cannot.  As the condition of the gums worsens the animal can suffer from pain, abscesses, gum separation and even loss and damage to the bone that supports teeth. Bacteria originating in the mouth can travel into the bloodstream and damage the kidneys, heart, lungs and other organs.

Signs You Need A Session

There are many signs to look out for that might indicate its time to see a health professional and schedule a teeth hygiene session. Bad breath is usually the first sign of an issue arising. Not just gross breath because it’s a pet, but actual horrible breath that ensures you cannot get too close to your dog or cats mouth. The worse the odour the worse the situation, so it is better to catch it early before it develops further. Discolored teeth can be another indicator that something isn’t quite right in the mouth. This remains quite a predictable element for animals and most discolouration of the teeth can be indicative of an issue. Receding or bleeding gums are a major indicator of weakened gums and bad oral hygiene, demonstrating the issue has developed somewhat. 

Your vet should examine your pet’s mouth during every checkup. Based on what they find, they may recommend that you schedule your pet for dental cleaning.

What Does It Entail?

Veterinarians often suggest doing some lab tests before a session, which help to analyse the situation better and assess the overall health. These provide integral parts of information especially when regarding the anesthesia needed to perform a safe and thorough service. A number of medicare aids and equipment is used to maintain the animal’s health while they are under for the procedure. During the process your vet will scale all surfaces of the teeth to remove plaque and tartar. The area underneath the gum line also will be cleaned, which is necessary to reduce gum inflammation.

When you need reliable and professional dental cleaning for your pets be sure to contact the trusted professionals. Get in touch with us today to find out more or schedule a session for your pet.