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What is Behavioural Consultation

Before booking an online appointment to see your cat or dog, you are required to fill out a consultant form. The furry friends we live with don’t generally behave how we need or want them to. However, suppose your cat or dog is acting out in such a way that worries you or is causing you. In that case, a veterinary consultant with a professional behavioural might be the solution.

What is Behavior Consultation

A veterinary behaviour consultant is a consultation held by a caring expert veterinarian. An in-depth questionnaire about your pets needs to be filled out before you meet with our veterinarian. These consultations are conducted at your practice or your home and run for around 60 minutes. In both cases, it is ideal if every individual who interacts with the pet is available for the veterinary consultant. During the consultation, aspects include, for example:

  • Where did this behaviour stem from
  • How has the problem progressed
  • What role does your pet play in your life?
  • We will recommend an appropriate, achievable treatment program.
  • The treatment programme may involve medication, complementary therapies such as pheromone products, behaviour modification techniques and environmental changes.
  • What kinds of problems can we assist with?
  • Assessments and Reports 
  • What sorts of issues would we be able to help with? 
  • Evaluations and Reports

Now and again, it is essential to have an expert assess a circumstance, including an animal’s behaviour and provide a written report.

Animal behaviour problems

  • Leash reactivity
  • Aggression towards people or animals
  • Anxiety, including separation anxiety
  • House-soiling problems
  • Behaviour changes associated with the ageing pet
  • Abnormal repetitive behaviours such as excessive licking, tail chasing, chasing lights and shadows
  • Noise and thunderstorm phobias
  • Unruly behaviour such as chewing, digging etc., as well as any other problem that is interfering with your bond with your pet.
  • Excessive vocalization (barking or meowing)


How To Request or Book a Consult?

Before we can schedule an appointment to see your cat or dog, you must fill in this survey. Accordingly, you must include as much information as possible as this allows more time during the consultation to express and explain the treatment plan. Information withheld from the questionnaire may result in a longer consultation time which will be charged for.

We aim to provide comprehensive care for our patients. Learn more about the veterinary consultant we give. Schedule an appointment today at (604) 859-6322.