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What Does an Animal Hospital do?

An animal hospital is a place for the health and wellness of your pet. Whether visiting the facility regularly for checkups or needing special attention, there are a few differences between these facilities and the average clinic. With more ability and access to tools, the professionals here can often tend to far more pets with efficiency.  Our medical spaces can facilitate smooth care and plan for a larger number of pets, able to service you and your pet. Read on to see how our services can help your pets thrive. 

Full Service  

While many would assume it is simply a larger building or space, the scope of the available care sets these me. With the ability to provide long term care and house sick pets when needed, they have more equipment and access to specialist skills as they are required. The scale and availability of specialists are far higher in these facilities, and you are more likely to receive the specialist treatment you may need. These services do not mean that a clinic should not be visited, but rather allow you access to more in-depth analytics when there is an issue of serious or immediate concern. With more resources, they are far more equipped to tend to more patients at once. 

Typical Services

In a full-service animal hospital, you can expect some of the following. Radiology and laboratory tests, laser surgeries, ultrasounds, routine surgeries, dental work, overnight stays, and intensive care facilities. These facilities will also house vets and medical specialists who will be available for more hours in a day to handle emergencies, whereas a clinic would operate within usual business hours. Longer hours into the night or over the weekend, especially when they need to perform emergency care for your pets, are what sets these facilities apart.


Clinics typically provide your pet with wellness exams centred on preventative care and regular checkups. Acting as a GP would be for any human. While they can perform spaying and neutering procedures, for more complex cases they’ll need to refer out to a better-equipped hospital. While they’ll have medications and medicines, they might not be as well-stocked as an animal hospital would be. These are highly trained medical specialists, but without the space and resources within reach that these and a larger facility may have.

When you visit an animal hospital, you can ensure the health and wellness of your pet. Whether needing long term care or emergency medical attention, these specialists are there to help and support you through these times. Contact us today to find out more about our facilities.