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The Importance of Annual Check-Ups

Alpha Animal Hospital in Abbotsford, BC, knows that your pet is a beloved and integral member of your family. You want to guarantee that your pet has a healthy, happy and long life. That’s why we are here to ally with you to ensure that transpires. If you are interested in yearly pet examinations and desire to learn more, give our friendly and experienced veterinary specialist a call now!

Why Are Annual Pet Exams Necessary?

Exactly like people, your furry friend is required to have an assessment every year. Even if it seems they are healthy, that pet exam, frequently associated with a wellness exam, is intended to keep your pet current on the newest shots advice, evaluate their overall health situation, and identify any possible problems before they get severe. With regards to adult pets, annual exams are advised. That enables the vet to screen your pets for internal diseases, such as heartworms, give a vaccination(s) if necessary and monitor for any growth issues. It’s also vital to inspect your cat or dog’s teeth at annual appointments to ensure they do not encounter any dental matters that could generate painful (and costly) obstacles in the future.

What Can You Anticipate at an Annual Pet Exam?

At a yearly pet examination, the center is on maintaining your pet’s good health and wellness. Additionally to a thorough physical checkup, Alpha Animal Hospital may present extra services, for example, blood tests, parasite screening, urinalysis, stool sample checks and diagnostic testing.

Another central area of focus is to disclose any beginning points of illness that your animal might be experiencing. In most instances, the initial medical ailment is detected, the greater the possibilities of treatment and excellent quality of life for your furry friend.

Is a Yearly Pet Exam Enough?

Concerning most pets, having a vet monitor them at least once every year is recommended, except if there are concerns or issues you have in the meantime. These pets who are elders or who have persistent health concerns will possibly need more regular wellness appointments.

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Alpha Animal Hospital profoundly cares about your pet and you. We’re available to help you in giving them world-class care and treatment. If you are seeking top-quality services for your furry friend, our veterinary hospital can accommodate you today! Contact us to schedule your pet’s annual exam today with our veterinary specialist.