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Quick and Easy Vet Online Appointment at Alpha Animal Hospital

Pets Medical Checkup

Your pets require routine medical check-ups at minimum once a year to guarantee their wellbeing is in order. These services include physical examinations, pet vaccinations, lab and x-ray services and tonometry (eye) tests and more. Additionally, the wellness test is a place to pose explicit inquiries and get suggestions and services to improve your pet’s lifestyle and health, like nutrition advice and preventive parasite prescription.

Permanent Pet Identification 

In the improbable occasion that your pet disappears or goes missing, having a microchip inserted in your pet can genuinely boost your chances of reuniting with your lost creature. We implant microchips at our clinic, ensuring you recover your cat or dog easily and can get in contact with someone. 

Pet Nutrition 

Nutrition is a vital component of your pet’s wellbeing and life span. However, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the vast number of options available at the pet store. In this way, our staff offers explicit pet nutrition guidance based on your animal’s age, underlying health conditions, activity levels, and basic medical issues.

Pet Dental Care 

Healthy teeth and gums extend your pet’s quality of life and life expectancy. To prevent, manage gum disease, tooth abscesses, tooth fractures and diagnosis, we provide thorough pet dental exams and cleanings with your furry friends under anesthesia for the safety and comfort solace of all included. 

Pet Laser Surgery 

When your pet requires an operation for instances like orthopedic injuries, tumours or foreign object obstruction, our skilled team uses advanced innovative pet laser surgery methods. That improves our veterinary specialists’ precision and accuracy while limiting bleeding and incision size for a more joyful pet and faster recovery. 

Online Forms 

Alpha Animal Hospital offers vet online appointments through our website so you can complete them in the comfort of your own home or office. 

  • Download the necessary form(s), print it out and fill in the required information.
  • If you do not already have AdobeReader® installed on your computer, click on our website to download. 
  • Fax us your printed and completed form(s), or bring it with you to your appointment.

What’s in Store 

When you book an online vet appointment at Alpha Animal Hospital in Abbotsford, BC, we have collected a specialist team of veterinary experts to provide you with world-class medical services for your pet. We have cutting-edge veterinary facilities that are efficient, comfortable, and productive. Call (604) 859-6322 to schedule an online vet appointment, and we will figure out a convenient time for you.