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Pet Laser Surgery – The Minimally Invasive Approach for an Improved Quality of Life

When our pets are hurting or suffering, we often feel the pain with them, and witnessing their discomfort is never an easy experience. Typically, the last thing any pet owner wants to hear is that their beloved furry friend needs surgery, but more often than not, the procedure is far less frightening than what we anticipate.

At Alpha Animal Hospital, we use revolutionary pet laser surgery techniques that encourage a more efficient and precise surgery with a faster recovery rate in our fluffy patients. The entire process from start to finish is professional, skillful and minimally invasive, so you can have your best friend back in no time at all and in full health.

When to Consider Pet Laser Surgery

Knowing when to take your pet in for an examination is paramount for their well-being and safety. If your pet’s behaviour, demeanour or eating habits are unusual, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment with your local veterinarian. Also, if you notice any lumps, bumps or other strange masses, be sure to check in with our experienced veterinarians.

Benefits of Pet Laser Surgery

Being under the blinding lights of a surgical theatre can be daunting for any animal, and even more so for the anxious owner in the waiting room, pacing nervously in anticipation of the news that lies ahead. But, besides the intimidating factor of the strangers in scrubs, your pet is in for a seamless experience when receiving pet laser surgery, especially when they are at Alpha Animal Hospital.

Take a look at these compelling advantages of laser surgery for your pets:

  • Less bleeding – surgeries performed with a scalpel introduce the factor of bleeding, but with laser technology, capillaries and blood vessels are effectively sealed during the procedure, reducing the severity of bleeding and risk for the patient.
  • Less pain – generally, surgery comes with a significant amount of pain, but this is not the case for laser surgery. Since the laser seals nerve endings and lymphatics, the patient experiences less edema and pain and has a far more comfortable post-operative recovery.
  • Reduced risk of infection – Laser beams introduce a sterilizing effect, eliminating bacteria at the site and reducing the risk of infection for patients.
  • Fast recovery time – Since laser surgery is minimally invasive and reduces swelling, pain and bleeding, the patient can recover faster than they would after traditional scalpel-led surgery.

Taking care of our pets sometimes goes beyond nutrition, exercise and abundant love, but when your pets are in the right hands, pet laser surgery will only improve their quality of life.

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