Pet Dental

Pet Dental Exams with Our Abbotsford Veterinarian

Our dependable veterinarians will treat your pets with the care and respect they deserve. Alpha Animal Hospital in Abbotsford, BC offers complete veterinary services, including comprehensive dental care to keep your pet healthy from head to tail.

Pet Dental

Routine Pet Exams & Pet Dental Exam

In addition to monitoring your pet’s overall wellbeing during your pet’s annual or semi-annual exam, your veterinarian will also monitor teeth and gums. We may suggest ways to implement better dental hygiene for your pet, including brushing their teeth regularly. Just like humans, your pet’s teeth need to be cleaned, and not just at their annual dental exam. We also encourage providing your pet with treats and toys that promote better dental health.

The Importance of Pet Dental Exams & Cleaning

Many diseases and conditions can be tied to the condition of the mouth. For dogs, cats, and other pets alike, dental hygiene is vital to good health. We pay special attention to the oral condition and dental hygiene of your pet.

As a pet owner, you might notice bad breath, but plaque build-up or tartar on the teeth may not be as obvious. However, these are conditions that can lead to more serious periodontal disease or inflammation of the gums. By taking regular care of the teeth and gums, extractions or periodontal disease are less likely to be necessary.

On top of at-home preventive care recommendations, our trained team offers extensive cleaning services under anesthesia to ensure your pet has a safe, stress-free experience and truly clean teeth.

Is Your Pet Suffering from Dental Issues?

If your pet is suffering from a broken tooth or other dental problem, an infection could set in that would make it painful to eat. If your pet does not eat, it could begin to experience weight and energy issues. If you think your pet is experiencing from these problems, be sure to let us know so we can address the issues appropriately.

Contact Alpha Animal Hospital for Pet Dental Exams in Abbotsford, BC

Alpha Animal Hospital in Abbotsford offers years of experience in taking care of animals and would be pleased to meet with you regarding your pet’s health and well-being. By understanding proper pet dental hygiene, it is possible to prevent many health problems. Let’s work together to care for your pet! Call (604) 859-6322 for an appointment with our Abbotsford veterinarians for a pet dental exam.