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Laser Therapy For Dogs

Pet laser therapy is a non-incision photobiomodulation treatment. We apply a specific light that enters the tissue and skin, promoting blood flow to the area. Moreover, the main functionality is it serves to stimulate the body’s innate healing process in pets.

Why Should I Consider Using Laser Therapy For My Dog?

Here at Alpha Animal Hospital, we utilize pet laser surgery for various conditions, and we generally use it when your pet visits us to get neutered or spayed. We apply it at the incision spot to further reduce any pain at the incision section, help it heal faster and help prevent any significant inflammation at that incision site. Sometimes we use it if the dog’s got a mean ear infection and if the ear seems swollen or inflamed. It is additionally applied for fractures or broken bones. Therefore if an animal has a broken leg or broken toe, it can correct that up quickly. Another notable advantage of laser therapy is degenerative joint disease or arthritis management. It can support dogs with the swelling in their joints and help prevent some of that discomfort.

What Can I Anticipate From My Dog’s Laser Therapy?

So at Alpha Animal Hospital, you can anticipate many cuddles, plenty of love and countless treats because we care about the comfort of your pet —if they’re a giant dog, we’ve got a nice abundant orthopedic bed that we keep on the floor for your furry friends. Plus, the dog rests down and gets a ton of affection and care. We brush the end of a glass ball of the machine to your pet. And we roll it around in a circular movement. Furthermore, the ray comes out through this wand and penetrates through the hair coat, skin and everything. So they get a lovely little massage during the procedure for whatever area we’re doing laser therapy on. We tend to serve many treats here, too, only if they’re prepared to eat them, so the procedure is a big snuggle session.

So Are There Any Risks?

There are zero dangers at all. The best part is that it triggers a natural healing process and is non-invasive inside the body.

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