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Keep Your Pets Healthy and Happy With Regular Visits to a Pet Hospital in Abbotsford

Having pets is no different from having children, except you may find a lot more hair and dirt in your home. But, they need just as much attention, love and care from us, so the responsibilities of being a pet owner should not be taken lightly. From training playful puppies to ensuring all vaccinations are up to date, there are many factors to consider before adopting a furry friend. Thankfully, professionals at Alpha Pet Hospital in Abbotsford are fully equipped to help you give your pet the life they deserve with an extensive range of services for nutrition, vaccinations and surgeries. 

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Visiting a Pet Hospital Doesn’t Have to be a Worst-Case Scenario.

The stigma around animal hospitals is that they are clinical and typically the end of the road for our beloved pets. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Animal hospitals are very much an extension of your own home. It is a safe place for your pet where they are loved and cared for by people who are passionate about animals. Also, they are the helping hands for pet owners who feel overwhelmed, under-equipped or simply unsure of how to care for different animals, be it domestic or exotic. 

The attentive care your pet will receive from Alpha Animal Hospital is unprecedented, and the wealth of knowledge and guidance you will receive to give your pet the best life possible is a resource that never runs out.

All in all, an animal hospital is a safe haven for both pets and pet owners alike. 

How Our Pets Display Their Discomfort

It can be easy to miss the early signs of illness or injury in our pets when our busy schedules get the best of us, but there are several clear signs that there may be something wrong with your furry friend. Generally, our pets will display symptoms in very similar ways to humans, so distinguishing the problem is usually fairly easy. 

Dogs and cats that yelp while urinating or have hunched backs and are showing symptoms such as a cough, runny nose, shortness of breath or lethargy should be taken to a veterinary clinic immediately. Rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters may hide their symptoms as a survival tactic, so be sure to have them checked if you suspect anything strange in their behaviour. 

You will know when your pet is out of sorts, but if you are unsure, it is always best to seek medical help. 

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