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Keep Your Furry Friends Happy With These Pet Nutrition Tips

Our pets are a great source of support, and joy for us. However, consequently, we have a huge responsibility to care for them first.

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To help promote your pets overall well-being, it’s vital to provide him or her with a nutritionally rich diet. While many people assume that commercial mixes alone are sufficient, the diet of animals should be supplemented with nutrition-rich foods. Additionally it is important to understand which pet nutrition your furry-friend requires to help ensure that he or she lives a happy and healthy life. 

Here we discuss five health steps to follow to keep your furry friend healthy, strong, and content. 

Seek Preventative Care From Your Veterinarian

Pets may try to hide signs of illness for as long as possible. It is in their nature. That is why having your dog or cat seen by your vet at least once a year is an integral part of preventative health. Your vet can advise you on healthy weight and feeding practices to prevent obesity, evaluate joint health and function, answer questions about behaviour, and make recommendations for better dental health and care. Sometimes, we can even catch signs of cancer early while still having time to intervene.

Maintain A Healthy Diet 

Aim for pet nutrition diets with high protein and high fibre but low in carbs, especially for cats. This combination can help to maintain lean body weight. And when looking at the calories per cup you can aim for less than 400 cal. A diet lower in caloric density means that your pup or kitty can eat more volume while consuming fewer calories, and feel more satisfied, which helps avoid excessive weight gain.

Keep Your Pet At a Healthy Weight

Excessive weight adds a great deal of anxiety and strain on the body, placing the body in a constant state of unhealthy inflammation. Extra weight elevates stress on joints, prompting acceleration of arthritis side effects and declining mobility at a younger age.

Pets Environment

The environment has a massive impact on our health, as well as pet health. That includes how the outdoor and indoor environment affect physical health. Additionally, how both influence a pets behaviour and emotional well-being.

Ensure Your Pet Has Good Training

Physical health is not the only factor to consider. Chronic stressors are documented to lead to physical health problems. We can find underlying signs of stress in pets.

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