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Find Everything You Need in Emergency Situations With Veterinary Care Services

As a pet owner, you are no stranger to the stresses and heartache of caring for a sick animal. However, you should never have to do it alone, which is why you should choose veterinary care services from Alpha Animal Hospital in Abbotsford. 

We are a leading veterinary clinic that goes above and beyond for every pet and owner that walks through our doors, ensuring the best quality of life for all. 

When Veterinary Care Is Your Saving Grace

It’s early in the morning, and the songs from the birds outside your window wake you up in a cheerful and optimistic mood. It seems to be just like every other morning, but something is missing; there’s no wagging tails, morning dog breath in your face or muddy paw prints on your clean sheets. You convince yourself your pooch has probably decided to take a nap on the couch or has locked themselves out of the house again, so you proceed with your usual routine. 

After a visit to the bathroom and an unusually long stare at yourself in the mirror, you’re overcome with an unsettling feeling, and you soon realize that things are far too quiet. You run as fast as your slippers will allow down the stairs, frantically looking for and calling your furry companion, but there is no response. Eventually, with a heart full of worry, you find them in the backyard, relentlessly fighting with a porcupine that has pierced your dog’s mouth several times with razor-sharp quills. Startled by your sudden appearance, your dog releases his jaw, and the porcupine hurries into the bushes. But now you’re faced with a rebellious-looking pup that is in an awful amount of pain, and you need immediate assistance. 

The Relief of Efficient Veterinary Services

With an already riled-up dog, you fight your way through the busy morning traffic and finally make it to Alpha Animal Hospital. Your poor pup looks guilty, to say the least, but couldn’t be more excited to be taken to the exam room by a friendly face that smells like chocolate chip cookies. 

After some time and copious amounts of love and care, your dog returns to you with a wagging tail and no significant injuries, thanks to prompt and professional assistance from your local vet. 

We don’t want to see your beloved pets suffer in any way, so be sure to visit us for the best veterinary care services in Abbotsford and contact us to schedule an appointment.