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An Abbotsford Veterinary Hospital Can Help You Save a Life

Caring for animals is more than simply providing them with shelter, food, and a fresh bowl of water. The true essence of having compassion for animals is looking past your restraints to see their needs and continuing to provide long after their needs are met. Ultimately, it’s about finding life-long friends and being a lifelong friend in return. These are values that we at Alpha Animal Hospital, Abbotsford’s leading veterinary hospital, live by every day, ensuring that we meet every need to the best of our ability and providing unceasing compassion to every animal that comes through our doors.

What You Should Do When You Find a Stray

It’s a cold and foggy morning, and the fresh breeze coming through your window entices you to put on your boots and jacket for a relaxing walk through the quiet streets. As you step outside your front door, you’re met with melodies from chirping birds in the surrounding trees and the dewdrops on the grass glistening ever so slightly in the early morning sun. You’re overcome with complete clarity and perception as the unfiltered beauty of the morning gives you relentless optimism, and you just know that it’s going to be a fantastic day. 

Little did you know that on this day, you would become a hero. 

So, with a heart full of joy and your stress disappearing with every breath, you make your way down the street, smelling freshly brewed coffee from slowly awakening homes. But, you can hear something echoing in the stillness of it all, persisting with a cry for help. You quickly follow the noise, recognizing it as the cry of kittens, and stumble upon an abandoned box of what seems to be a litter of kittens no older than a few weeks, and there is no sign of the mom. 

Without a second thought, you know they need professional help. So, you carry the box back home, get into your car and drive them to Alpha Animal Hospital. You know the best thing you can do for them is to not rely on your own understanding but to surround them with a team of professionals who are equipped to give them everything they need to recover and have a healthy and happy future. 

Finding a stray can be a heartbreaking situation, but you can ensure the animal lives to see another day with a prompt veterinary exam. And, who knows, you may have very well found a life companion!

Alpha Animal Hospital is Abbotsford’s leading veterinary hospital, caring for animals and pets from all walks of life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or visit our clinic for immediate assistance.