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Welcome to Alpha Animal Hospital, your trusted veterinarians in Abbotsford
All animals deserve compassionate veterinary care. We do Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Mice, Cats and Dogs.
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Welcome to Alpha Animal Hospital

 Your Trusted Veterinarians in Abbotsford.

Call us at (604) 859-6322

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Welcome to Alpha Animal Hospital!

Your Wonderful Pets Are in Good Hands

Welcome to Alpha Animal Hospital, your trusted veterinarians in Abbotsford. Whether your beloved pet needs extensive care or simply a regular checkup, our loving care team strives to make them (and you) feel safe and cared for. Our comprehensive veterinary services help keep your pet happy and healthy no matter what comes up.

Dedicated Team

Our expert team of care providers can help manage your pet’s health problems and assist in getting your pet get back to top shape. From lab diagnostics to behavior consultation, we offer a variety of services combined with the latest technologies to service your best friend to the best of our abilities.

Veterinary Services

It’s our goal to be your trusted source for all your pet’s needs. Here are just a few of the veterinary services offered at Alpha Animal Hospital:

  • Pet Identification  – Help ensure a safe return in case your pet ever gets lost or runs away.
  • Digital X-Ray – Diagnostic or preventive, we use x-rays to thoroughly check out your pets as needed to ensure they receive the proper care.
  • Tonometry – This diagnostic pressure test allows us to detect issues with your pet’s sight, so we can help keep them seeing clearly.
  • Laser Surgery – A non-invasive treatment method that helps treat various conditions with less distress for your pet.
  • Exotic Pet Care & Management – On top of providing veterinary care for pocket pets like rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters, our highly trained experts can help ensure you know exactly how to care for their unique needs.
  • Pet Nutrition – We help make sure your pets are healthy by balancing their nutrition.
  • Vaccination – Keep your pet’s vaccines up to date, so they can enjoy the freedoms they love.
  • Orthopedic Surgery – Help restore your pet’s bones and joints after injuries or from congenital conditions with expert orthopedic surgery.
  • Laser Therapy – An excellent and non-invasive way to help treat acute and chronic injuries, arthritis, regenerate nerve tissue post-surgery, and more for improved recovery.
  • Endoscopy – When unexplained symptoms arise, we can perform pet endoscopy to help us diagnose internal issues that might otherwise be impossible to detect.

Whatever treatment your pet needs, we’re here to help ensure they receive the quality care they deserve.

Looking for the Perfect Pet? We Can Help!

Not sure which pet would be a good addition to your family? We can help you find the perfect fit with our comprehensive pet-matching and pet selector services.

Contact Our Abbotsford Veterinarians Today

Whether you need to schedule a checkup, dental cleaning, need emergency care for your precious pet, or something else, Alpha Animal Hospital in Abbotsford, BC is here. Call us at (604) 859-6322 and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

Meet the Veterinarians

Dr. Vipan Jalan

Dr. Vipan Jalan

Dr. Vipan graduated from Veterinary School in India in 1998. A voracious learner, Dr. Vipan then decided to spend two more years at school learning all about pharmacology. She received her master’s degree in 2000. As busy as she was, and continues to be, she always makes time for her husband, Dr. VJ, they’re two children and her best friend, the family’s Chihuahua.
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Dr. Vishesh Jalan

Dr. Vishesh Jalan

Dr. V. Jalan received his veterinary training in India in 1995 and worked there for several years. Although he had family and friends in India, he realized that Canada offered him and his family more opportunities. It was a big move and a huge decision, but one that Dr. V Jalan and his wife, Dr. Vipan are happy that they pursued.
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