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Welcome to Alpha Animal Hospital, your trusted veterinarian consultant in Abbotsford
All animals deserve compassionate veterinary care. We do Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Mice, Cats and Dogs.
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Welcome to Alpha Animal Hospital

 Your Trusted Veterinarians in Abbotsford.

Call us at (604) 859-6322

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Welcome to Alpha Animal Hospital!

Alpha Animal Hospital is an all pet care animal clinic in Abbotsford where you can find help for all manner of animals. Cats and dogs, and more are welcomed at our cats and dogs vet clinic. As a licensed veterinarian that you can contact online to our online vet clinic Abbotsford, we do our utmost to ensure the health and wellness of your animals at all times. With our animal emergency clinics service, this is an animal hospital solution that can give your pets the love and care they need when being treated. Whether a short check in, or a longer stay, our local veterinary clinic veterinary clinic Abbotsford & hospital services will give you peace of mind.  

From animal vaccinations to general veterinary services, our availability ensures that we can take care of your pets whenever you need help during the working week. Situated in Abbotsford, we are perfectly suited to service our surrounding community and take care of the families in the area. Providing our customers and clients with care throughout the week, our facilities are ideally suited to take care of a variety of situations. With a professional, specialized team at the ready we have the resources to expertly see to your lovable fur babies. Browse through our website to the full rundown of services on offer and how we can cater to your needs. Take a look at our range of services to get a better understanding, or contact the team directly to speak to the trained professionals about your worries or concerns. Whether looking for a cats veterinary or dog clinic, we can take care of all your pets under one roof with our expert team of vets at the ready.  

Your Choice Veterinarians in Abbotsford, BC 

Welcome to Alpha Animal Hospital, your trusted veterinary consultants in Abbotsford. Our team of emergency care providers can help you 24 hour to manage your pet’s health problems and bring them back to great shape. We offer 24 hour vet comprehensive veterinary services, from lab diagnostics to behavior consultation. 

Meet Our Team of Dedicated Abbotsford Veterinarians 

Our core of veterinary providers includes Dr. Vishesh Jalan and Dr. Vipan Jalan. Both like to spend their time exploring the beautiful Canadian wilderness and spending time with their children and their pet Chihuahua. They have both provided veterinary care for a variety of animals, from dogs and cats to horses and pigs. 

Veterinary Services 

Just a few of the veterinary services offered at Alpha Animal Hospital include: 

  • Pet Identification  – We can identify your pet if it gets lost or runs away from home.
  • Digital X-Ray – Check your pet for any serious issues that could be plaguing their health.
  • Tonometry – Manage your pet’s health eye care with this pressure test.
  • Laser Surgery – Treat various diseases with this non-invasive treatment method
  • Exotic Pet Management – Learn more about exotic pets and their special needs.
  • Pet Nutrition – Make sure your pets are healthy by balancing their nutrition.
  • Vaccination – Get your pet’s vaccines up-to-date with us.
  • Exotic Pet Care – We provide veterinary care for pocket pets like rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters.
  • Emergency Veterinary Treatment – We can provide urgent veterinary care in cases of trauma, cuts, lacerations, poisoning, and more. 

Contact Our Abbotsford Veterinarians Today 

Contact Alpha Animal Hospital 24 hour vet in Abbotsford, BC by calling (604) 859-6322. We can provide you with the pet nutrition, dental health, behavior consultation, digital x-ray, tonometry, and lab services that you need. Beyond that, we also provide vaccines and laser surgery for other types of problems. Our emergency care team is always ready to help manage the health of your loving pets. Be sure to get in touch with us as soon as you need assistance. We can cater to your every animal need with our wonderful, inviting team of consultants. With a full understanding of how to take care of animals of all kinds, we can ensure not only an enjoyable experience for them, but a calm process for you. Be sure to get in touch with our team today!

Meet the Veterinarians

Dr. Vipan Jalan

Dr. Vipan Jalan

Dr. Vipan graduated from Veterinary School in India in 1998. A voracious learner, Dr. Vipan then decided to spend two more years at school learning all about pharmacology. She received her master’s degree in 2000. As busy as she was, and continues to be, she always makes time for her husband, Dr. VJ, they’re two children and her best friend, the family’s Chihuahua.
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Dr. Vishesh Jalan

Dr. Vishesh Jalan

Dr. V. Jalan received his veterinary training in India in 1995 and worked there for several years. Although he had family and friends in India, he realized that Canada offered him and his family more opportunities. It was a big move and a huge decision, but one that Dr. V Jalan and his wife, Dr. Vipan are happy that they pursued.
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